A FREE CONSULTATION is always offered to prospective clients or individuals seeking general information.

     We provide full representation from beginning to end in your case.

     Or we can also provide you with help if you wish to represent yourself in a case.  These specific services can include things like preparation of court documents, explanation about your case process, or tips on how to represent yourself (like what to do and not to do in front of the judge).

     We prepare and execute legal documents in compliance with Maine or Massachusetts law.

Last Will and Testament

Power of Attorney

Heal Care Directive (Living Will)

Medical Power of Attorney

     *Reduced pricing applies to reciprocal documents (those prepared for husband and wife).


Criminal Defense

     Pongratz Law represents individuals who are defendants in criminal cases, including but not limited to charges such as OUI, Operating After Suspension, Assault, and Violation of Protection Order.  We also handle cases involving domestic violence such as DV Assault or terrorizing.

Civil Litigation

     Civil litigation matters include contract, property and other civil disputes between individuals or businesses. Legal services provided include all aspects of the civil process, including initial contact with the adverse party for possible pre-lawsuit settlement, assessment of the viability of your particular legal issue and position, and actual litigation-related activities such as discovery, pre-trial, trial and post-trial matters.

     Sometimes, a matter is best brought in Small Claims Court.  We can help you here as well in order to optimize your likelihood of success.

Family Law

     As part of our family law practice, Pongratz Law offers legal services in matters such as separation and divorce, child and spousal support, modification or enforcement of existing divorce or parental rights and responsibilities judgments and custody matters.  

Protection Orders

     We assist victims of abuse or harassment in filing and pursuing Protection from Abuse and Protection from Harassment actions. These proceedings typically result, where the plaintiff is successful, in Protection Orders issued by the Court against the defendant.

     Where a defendant in these cases needs representation, we are also here to help. We ensure your rights are protected if you feel an order for protection, either temporary or permanent, has issued unjustly.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

     Pongratz Law provides legal assistance to landlords as well as tenants with regards to their respective rights.   For a landlord, this includes services such as preparation and service of Notice to Vacate (Notice to Quit), preparation and filing of Forcible Entry and Detainer (eviction) documents and representation at trial where needed.

     For a tenant, we ensure that proper procedure is followed by the landlord and demand that the landlord fulfill his or her requirements under the law.  Even where a landlord is to prevail, we can often facilitate your exit from your rental, reducing your inconvenience and the potential negative legal impact to your rental history,


     We provide assistance when a Will needs to go through probate court, or when ownership to property following a death is not clearly defined. Sometimes, property needs to be formally transferred to heirs, sometimes heirs are not properly defined.  

     We also handle guardianship and conservatorship matters, both for minors and adults.

Personal Injury 

     If you are injured as a result of another person's negligence, we can help you get through the legal process.  We will evaluate your claim, deal with claims adjusters for insurance companies and negotiate a fair settlement for you.

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